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I got 10 days leave in december. So i planned to apply for passport…

Reported on May 20, 2014 from Chandigarh , Chandigarh  ι Report #41061

I got 10 days leave in december. So i planned to apply for passport and document verification for that. On December 12, I went to Ambala office to get my certificates checked as per appointment and came home back. Police verification was done but passport was not dispatched. I started checking the status of my file online.File number-CH1067429041813 DOB-17/5/1991. It showed police verification is under review and after that passport will be dispatched. I was waiting for it but it did not came. I thought I should report it and filed my grievance with Reference ID :1430216720 with same DOB after a wait of two months on 16/2/14. I think this department doesn't even check them. Nothing changed and I called their costumer care number again but they told me they are helpless to provide any solution in these regards. I called my friend in chandigarh and asked him to visit the regional office. Atleast there are still some good guys like Yogesh Nailwal who tried to help as i was in assam district. He went and checked that my file was in some store, the official took that out and told him that its our fault that the verification are not completed yet but i assure you to process it. But if you give me 1500 Rs. the status will get changed today itself and you will get this passport within a week. My friend asked me that i wanna go with bribe or not. I never support it but again if i have to go to chandigarh just to iterate the same thing before officials my friend have saved me money and he is talking about accelerated way of getting work done. Ok lets go for it.After 4 months on 6th april 2014, we paid that officer 1500 rs in cash to get the passport dispatched. Conditions are still same. I am waiting and my friend does not want to go to that office again just to pay bribe again. Arae what should i do? Why i am paying fees to government and its servants? why i am not getting passport even after bribe. Why common citizen is being targeted. If they cant do the work why they are taking money from government...

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