• I Paid A Bribe
  • 12 years ago

Bank Manager's story for promotion

Reported on July 3, 2012 from Muzaffarpur , Bihar  ι Report #1334

I am a newly recruited Officer in Public Sector bank. I was posted as a Branch Manager. In our system, Manager's are regularly pressurized, reprimanded and punished for not meeting their targets given by the higher authorities. During March Closing, which is yearly closing for banks, my branch's deposit target was short by around 4.5 crore rupees. It was not possible to get such a huge amount from general public through account opening and other deposits. I was advised by my some colleagues to ********** the state government officials. They have different development funds through which targets can be achieved.
I contacted District Development Commissioner of our District. He was a promotee IAS. To my shock he himself while sitting in his chamber told me to provide him a camera as a gift or pay Cash of Rs. 15000/- for giving the development fund cheque .
As I am not taking bribe from public for giving loans and I am also not making false expenditure vouchers, I paid the amount through my own salary.
After March closing i got appreciation letter and shield from my regional head for meeting my targets. In special meeting, in between clapping of my colleagues, I received my shield and started thinking "Am I really an honest officer".
Even I got my promotion because of this deposit amount.
This is story of every banker working atleast in Eastern UP, Bihar and Jharkhand. In the name of these March closing targets atleast 3-5 crore rupees is distributed among State government development officials every year.

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