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  • 11 years ago

Born n Brought up by Granny,

Reported on April 27, 2011 from Bareilly , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #8940

Requirement:- CHARACTER CERTIFICATE (Proving that i m clean).
PROCESS TIME:- 20 working days ATLEAST (w/0 bribe infinite).
REASON :- To apply for a job ( Without this certi. i coudn't get a job).
PROCESS:- 1. D.M's office , buy a form worth Rs. 2/-.I bought it from an agent Rs. 10/-
2. Attach a D.D. worth Rs. 20/-. I used influence to skip que of 200 ppl in the bank(I saved 2 days beleive me).
3.To submit my form I greased office boy's palm with Rs.50/-(Saved a week ).
4.I Took the form from the D.M's front office to a S.S.P's office (This is not allowed but I managed , Don't guess how)
5.The form needed to be send to local ploice station for the enquiry.( I paid Rs.200/- to the babu and used influence from another higher office )and took the form by myself to local police station.
6.The form now need to be send to local police chawkey. So before even entering the local police station, I asked my influece to make a phone call and make my way . He did accordingly and so the only office where i didn't pay a bribe. I took the form by hand to the local police chawkey (not allowed).
7.Now I am in the final office to get my final approval. If i get this approval the whole process will be reverted and i will be given my certificate.
The police inspector :- What is ur name ?
The police Inspector :- Why do u need this certificate ?
me : - To get a job.
The police Inspector :- oh! so without this u can't get a job.
me : - yes
the police inspector :- where do u live ?
the police inspector :- Ur house is in whose name.
me :- My granny's
the police inspector :- this means this is not ur house. so now wat is ur permanent address?
me : - sir i hav been BORN AND BROUGHT UP BY MY GRANNY and have lived here for my entire life. even my passport has the same address.
the poilce inspector :- No , ur granny's house can't be ur permanent address. your father or u need to own it to claim it as ur parmanent address.
me :- but sir my father had served in private sector so he used to live on rent. and i have done my complete studies from this city from my granny's house. i was even born here
the police inspector :- (wrote it over my form " he lives with his granny and does not have a permanent address") i hav written wat i hav found out. and on this report trust me u might not get ur certificate.(threatning me for bribe).

Now i m in thick soup, i wasted 3 days visiting that police inspector again n again but he was as rigid as ever. so i involved a local neta to get me out of this. he had a word with the inspector and came back to me saying he's asking for Rs5000/- . but my local neta got me fair deal with the cop for Rs 3000/- and Rs500/- as his cut.

now the points continue
8. with my new report i went back to L.I.U's office paid Rs 1200/- to the intelligence inspector
9. came back to the babu with whom we started paid him again Rs200/-
10. my form is again back in D.M's office .
finally a last bribe to office baoy again to get my certificate.

Oh god!! those were real hectic 2 weaks.

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