• I Paid A Bribe
  • 3 years ago

Bribe and fraud case for wrong parking.

Reported on November 18, 2018 from Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #192889

Officier name g.k raju asked me to pay money for wrong parking. I didn't have money so i asked him if its possible, can you give me online challan i would oay there in next 15 days as i don't have money at the moment.
He asked if i have money in my account.
As i am jot working i had 73 rs in my account. I showed him through google pay.
Then he told me to pay in his fellow police, who is standing beside him, prakash kunduri.

I paid him, then he asked other guy to come and give me receit.
He gave me reciet of 70 rs.

Latter after reaching home i checked i found it's not fine receit but bust ticket.
He changed destination place as fine to fool me by the help of bus conductor.
Cond no. 455090
Time 14:42:27

He also blackmailed me to take my bike and file wrong challax of 850rs and 1000rs if i want online challan.

As i did not have money i opt online but latter he told me to pay 70rs at moment as challan through my google pay.

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