• I Paid A Bribe
  • 13 years ago

Bribe-birth right of govt and govt offices!

Reported on July 13, 2011 from Latur , Maharashtra  ι Report #6466

300 may not be that big amount(well, ask that to unprivileged and poor!). I have been, time and now, coerced into paying bribe- sometimes because of my fault(like i didn't have "L" on my bike when I had learning licence.) but most of the time, not because of any of my wrongdoings but to save myself from tortures of going through processes, mostly non-existent and self-made by authorities. Simple reason, as an individual you don't have time, energy and even money to fight against the system (a system of the bastards and by the bastards! Forgive me for the language).

Today i had to pay bribe for the police enquiry. Why? No reason. It's just custom now. I have paid it every time(for family and friends' passports). They ask it, so unabashedly, as if it's their birth right. They asked for 500. I protested. Then started all the reasons- need for xeroxes, need to send to SP office blah blah...I meekly gave up and settled on 300. They even had guts to ask me to go to agent to get it quickly. I quietly rejected saying I don't need it immediately.

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