• I Paid A Bribe
  • 12 years ago

Bribe for family pension transfer.

Reported on February 16, 2011 from Anantapur , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #28530

My father was a pensioner and expired in Jan. After couple of days I approached MRO to transfer family pension to my Mother. First of all the people there are not at all cordial, they get irritated for every question. They reply in a shrewd and careless manner. They make you wait for hours without paying attention to your request, they ask you come some other day etc... I wasn't interested in paying bribe, but these are the tricks that they play to force you to pay bribe. I live and work in Hyderabad and its not easy for me to travel multiple times to Anantapur for this purpose, so I finally decided to pay bribe and close the issue there so that mother don't have to face problems.

I went into office and approched MRO directly. There was an agent standing next to MRO and MRO asked the 'cheppava' (did you tell him) in telugu waving 3 fingers at him. Then agent took me out and told me that he is asking for Rs 3000/-. I told him thats too much and I can't pay so much. Then he said you go in and negotiate. Then I went told MRO that I can't pay so much, his reply was even school teachers are paying Rs 3000/- why can't you pay. He sent me back.

I came to agent and said I can pay only Rs 1500/-. Then agent went in discussed with MRO and said final figure is Rs 2000/-. I said I don't have to pay bribe, to avoid these unnecessary hassles that you are creating I am paying bribe. Fine then let it take long, I'll not pay bribe. Then agent went in again and this time when he came out he said Rs 1500/- is fine. I paid Rs 1500/- came out.

Most astonishing thing for me was how direct these deals are done. MRO was discussing bribe amount with me in loud voice. No under the table deals, money was taken as if its some govt fees that I am paying. When I asked one of the employee there why should I pay bribe, his response we do get some expenses in the process of transferring pension and I need to pay for that. When I told him, if thats the case govt would have fixed some fees, then he told me I should not ask so many questions other MRO will get angry.

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