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Bribe report

Reported on March 15, 2019 from Tiruchirapalli , Kerala  ι Report #200652

I don't want to mention my name. I work in a large IT firm and taking care of a big team. I recently got married. I want to register my marriage. Since I was born and brought up in a village at Trichy. I travelled to Trichy for registering my marriage. From childhood, I hate bribe and being born in a village and attained a big position, I personally feel that I have to take care of my work. I filled all the relevant details in the portal https://tnreginet.gov.in/ and visited the office. Here are my observations.

1. Officers were rude in explaining procedures and asking me to contact writers directly. Sometimes I felt they indirectly making me to contact any of the brokers. How can they assume that a person who applies for registration of marriage can know all the procedure since it is only one time in life.

2. We booked the appointment and waited for a long time around 3 PM, we have completed all our procedures and after that the office assistance asked us to pay Rs 200/- . We were initially reluctant but we were already tired of being there since morning. we paid Rs 100/-.

3. Offline payments were not accepted in the office, which means I have to go to internet centres near-by so-called brokers will get the commission of Rs 50/- per application payment.

My concern is not about money, it is about the process, the total fee for marriage registration is Rs 160/- but we were asked extra Rs 200/- as a bribe. How about other common people who could not afford.

Name: Office Assistant
Date of incident: 15-03-2019
Time : 15:00 ( may be daily routine)
Location of the office :
Woraiyur Sub Registrar Office
New building
Tamilnadu - 620102

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