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  • 5 years ago

Bribe to get engaged as csp

Reported on March 31, 2016 from Mainpuri , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #98698

Dear sir,

my name is saurabh singh and this complaint is against the harracement
,mental and financial stress given to me form SBI bewar branch. I
applied for CSp in the year 2013 and the BC company was Starfin India
Pvt Ltd. After a long run my file was approved ,my kyc and site was
visited and verified by Mr RB singh Field officer at the branch and
the approval mail was forwarded to Agra zonal office.But unfortunately
the procedure of the bank changed ,and my file was again reapplied and
I was again asked to get my kyc verified by branch.After again long
run finally the field officer sir, agreed to visit my site and verify
my kyc . But this time he asked me for certain amount of money so that
my approval mail for id mapping can be forwarded to zonal office,
failing to pay him he told me that the application will be rejected.
By all of the consequences, i am frustrated and plenty of my resources
and money is wasted in the form of petrol etc. Pls guide me should i
pay him the entire amount he is asking to get my CSP mapped or any
other way to end the entire rash.


Saurabh singh

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