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  • 4 years ago

Bribe to get PID number and Ekatha

Reported on February 10, 2018 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #178589

I am from Hoskote Bangalore rural district, I was forced to pay bribe to tax collector. The reason is the hoskote rural district is now computerizing the properties through their e-portal called e-swathu, for which all the property owners have to pay up-to-date taxes and provide PID number.
I paid up-to-date taxes and required PID number to apply for e-swathu or e-katha. for which I need to contact tax collector. The tax collector made to run from pillar to post and was not at all responding for my requests to share the PID number. Finally I was forced to pay bribe to get the PID number of my property and submit the request for e-katha.
This is not only my case, there are thousands of property owners who are also suffering similarly, government should take an immediate action, before it is too late.
The officer is Kantha Raju and incident happened on 03 Feb 2018

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