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  • 4 years ago

Bribe to obtain transcripts in Madras University

Reported on September 26, 2018 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #189783

I went to the university of Madras to get my P.G transcripts. The officer aksed to pay Rs.1000 infront of his staff( They'll get their share I believe).I was taken aback at his demand because I've never encountered such a situation till now. (I was filled with several thoughts. I considered complain to my HOD or the registrar( he was our professor). But didn't do so, as I didn't want to get into any mess.)I was told that, if I want to get the transcripts without paying bribe, I've to leave my original certificates with them and collect them after a week.As I'm an outstation candidate, the clerk advised me to bargain with 'sir' and get the work done. Also he would do the 'bargaining' for me.
My conscience was not ready to bribe them. I asked them for a receipt and told them that my friend would collect the transcripts after a week ( I decided to leave my originals with them). At the end of the day, the clerk called me to 'talk'. He told me to give whatever I can . As I had to leave the same day, I paid whatever I had in my wallet (less than 500) and got my transcripts.
It's not about money.
I understood that these people just want money even if it 10 bucks! I felt disgusted at that moment. Being educated and knowing my rights, I was helpless and gave into these filthy people's demands. These people are paid to serve us,the public and still they squeeze us for money. I
The office is called University Students Advisory Bureau(USAB). It is located in the ground floor of clock tower building of Madras University, Chepauk Campus.
I don't know the name of officer( some Semanjadami). His designation is Attestation officer. This happened on 25/09/2018 between 4:30 -5p.m The staff consists of 1 male and 2 females.

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