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  • 6 years ago

Bride paid to get Sale Tax Inspector Report for my new Office

Reported on June 15, 2015 from Guwahati , Assam  ι Report #61952

I am young boy who tried to start my own whole sale business for which I applied for VAT license. After 3months I was told to get Sale Tax Inspector Report and my file was forwarded to the Tax Inspector, Mr Hasmat Ali. Since it was urgent I pledged to provide the report for which he ask a bribe. I paid him Rs 3000 but then he was not satisfied and asked my Rs 5000 if I wanted the report immediately. I agreed and paid. But then he gave one or the other excuses and delayed the report for one more day. The next day he told me that he will visit my office to verify. I agreed. He came to my office and verified everything. But then he came to know that I had urgency to get the report because my goods which I purchased from chattisgarh is on its way for which I will need waybill. And without the report I will not get the waybill.

After knowing my condition he demanded Rs 7000 for the report and compelled me to pay which I had too. This guy Hasmat Ali is one of the most corrupt Sales Inspector in this branch. I really suffered a lot.

It pains me because I quit my MNC job in Gurgaon and returned back to my hometown to do my own business. But people like Hasmat Ali sucks out all blood from any man. I am not a big businessman but he made me pay a huge amount for a simple verification report. This doesn't encourge young entrepreneur at all.

Name of the officer: Hasmat Ali
Date of incident: 12-May-2015
Time of the incident: Around 2pm
Location: Sale Tax Office, Guwahati, Assam ( Near Ganeshguri Flyover)
Designation: Tax Inspector, Sale Tax


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