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  • 8 years ago

Complaint against M/s Rohit Indane Gas Service

Reported on June 12, 2016 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #107115

Dear Sir / Madam,

I had transferred my Gas Agency from M/s Giridhar Agency to M/s Rohit Indane Gas Service
( MRIGS ) in April 2016, wherein one cylinder was transferred. And subsequently, at MRIGS, I was given a new consumer number which is 7032127292.

And since, for household purposes, I required additional cylinder, I personally went to the office of MRIGS on 30-5-2016, to submit the required documents consisting of my Subscription Voucher, a ID proof and an address proof. And upon submission of the said documents, I was to told that I would be issued a new Subscription Voucher instead of the old one and was also asked to pay an amount of Rs.2,300/- for the additional cylinder.

When I asked for the break-up of the amount of Rs.2,300/- along with their respective bills, I was told by the staff ( Mr. Rajesh ) of MRIGS that I would be given the break-up of the said amount along with their respective bills immediately after payment of the amount. And I was told by Mr. Rajesh that the new Subscription Voucher would home delivered to me at the time of the delivery of additional cylinder. Then, when I paid the amount of Rs.2,300/- to the staff ( Mr. Rajesh ) of MRIGS, I was given the break-up of Rs.2,300/- as follows ----

1. Rs.1,500/- --- the amount that would be shown in the Subscription Voucher
2. Rs. 50/- --- the amount involved in processing for the additional cylinder for which
receipt would be given.

3. Rs. 536/- --- the amount of gas filled for the additional cylinder for which a separate
receipt would be given.
4. Rs. 214/-----the compulsory amount of bribe to be paid to the Manager of MRIGS.

When I told the staff ( Mr. Rajesh ) of MRIGS, after paying Rs.2,300/- and after coming to know about the details of the break-up of Rs.2,300/- that I was not interested in paying the compulsory bribe to the Manager of MRIGS, I was told that ---
1. This bribe was unavoidable in nature if at the time of transfer from another agency to
MRIGS, one did not immediately take a additional cylinder that time itself, i.e., one
should book the additional cylinder at the time of transfer from another agency to
MRIGS itself to be reflected in the first Subscription Voucher issued by MRIGS, else,
one would have to pay this compulsory bribe if additional cylinder is booked after a
Subscription Voucher has already been issued. What kind of rule is this ? Why are the
staff so corrupt in MRIGS and why there is no freedom for the consumer to exercise his
basic rights of booking additional cylinder whenever he requires ?
2. The bribes are generally taken by Gas Agencies located on the outskirts of the city unlike
those Gas Agencies located in the city.
3. The staff had insisted me to book an additional cylinder at the time of transfer of
Subscription Voucher itself to enable me to avoid paying the compulsory bribe in future.
If the staff were so concerned about me, why they did not disclose this fact about bribe
at the time of transfer itself, from another agency to MRIGS ? Why the staff of MRIGS
made me pay the bribe and then tell me about the bribe ? Why the staff of MRIGS are so
corrupt, inefficient and incapable of handling customers and customer’s needs ? Why the
staff of MRIGS have thrown all moral values to the ground and happily trample upon it
whenever they desire at the cost of customer’s money ? Why the staff of MRIGS are so
tainted and corrupt and why do they adopt such corrupt practices which are NOT in the
best of the public as a whole ?
4. On 4-6-2016, when the additional cylinder was delivered from MRIGS by delivery man
named Nagaraju, not only the Subscription Voucher was not handed over to us as
promised by Mr. Rajesh on 30-5-2016, but even the delivery man, named Nagaraju,
demanded an amount of Rs.50/- from us for delivering the cylinder. And when asked as
to how he was demanding the said amount when it was actually at the discretion of the
customer, Nagaraju told us that for the first delivery, it was mandatory for the customer
to pay Rs.50/- ( it is an unwritten rule thrust upon the customers ) and for subsequent
deliveries only, it was at the discretion of the customer. Why MRIGS and its staff is
adopting such corrupt practices which are detrimental not only to the customer and
society but to even the whole nation as a whole ? Why the staff of MRIGS are laying
down unwritten rules which are NOT in the best interest of the customer ? Why MRIGS
harassing its customers and taking advantage of its customers in respect of fees, charges
and other amounts paid to them just because it is the sole provider of Indane Gas to
Brigade Meadows located in Kanankapura Road ? Is there no end to the greed of staff
members of MRIGS ?
5. On 3-6-2016, I received a call from Mr. Naveen of MRIGS as to whether I was an
employee of IOC and when I replied in the negative, he told me that my documents
suggested so and that he had called up to verify the same. Then, I was again called-up by
the staff of MRIGS to to verify whether I was an employee of MRIGS. On 4-6-2016,
when I rang up MRIGS to verify as to why the staff of MRIGS failed to send the new
Subscription Voucher as promised along with the delivery man, none of the staff of
MRIGS bothered to receive my call and even the mobile numbers kept on ringing
without receiving my call. Then, on 9-6-2016, when I personally met Mr. Rajesh of
MRIGS on 9-6-2016 at MRIGS, he gave me the following two silly reasons for not
delivering the new Subscription Voucher along with the delivery man on 4-6-2016 ----
a) Since, my documents were supposed to be of a IOC employee, they had to be changed
which required time.
b) He was on leave for 2 days.

I really do not understand as to why Mr. Rajesh had to change the documents or re-process the documents when from the very beginning I had been mentioning to him that I was NOT an IOC employee at all in the first place and this was applicable right from the day I applied for a gas in a Indane Gas Agency. And I also do not understand why he had to lie to me every time that he was on leave as he took the entire print out of my new Subscription Voucher
( including the additional cylinder ) only when I personally went to the office of MRIGS on 9-6-2016.

Please investigate this shameful, corrupt and bad practice of MRIGS which are detrimental and not in the best interests of the public and punish the guilty staff of MRIGS and take strict, stringent and stern disciplinary action against all the guilty staff of MRIGS at the earliest.

I also request you to keep my complaint confidential so that MRIGS does not take any action against me or manipulate my gas connection with them, in the meanwhile.

Please feel free to contact me on 9742010664 for any further information in respect of the above.


Praveen P. Joshi

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