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  • 8 years ago

Complaint against Nandini Milk Parlour ( NMP )

Reported on July 8, 2016 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #110066

Dear Sir / Madam,

On 2-7-2016, when I was travelling along with my friend near 4th Block Jayanagar Bus Stop, we happened to come across a Nandini Milk Parlour ( NMP ), which was about 100 metres away from 4th Block Jayanagar Bus Stop, selling all kinds of milk products. We took a flavoured cold Badam milk in Tetra pack (fcbmitc), costing Rs.20/- each, totalling to Rs.40/-.

And on 3-7-2016, when we again came across the said NMP, we again ordered for 2 fcbmitc. But this time, since the owner was present in the NMP, he said that the cost of the fcbmitc was Rs.42/-. And when I showed him the amount mentioned on the fcbmitc was Rs.20/- per fcbmitc, and asked him the reason for hike in price, he told me that ----
1. I was being charged less earlier because he was not present in the NMP at that time and
that his attendants did not know the actual price of the fcbmitc.
2. Since, he needs to make up for the electricity costs of the fcbmitc, for making it cold, it
was necessary for him to charge Re.1 more for every fcbmitc he sells.

Why do the customers need to bear the brunt of the greediness of the owner of the NMP ? Is it justified to charge at differential rates based on one's own whims and fancies ? Why do the customers need to bear the cost of the electricity used by the NMP ? Is the owner charging differential rates for other products of NMP as per his whims and fancies resulting in daylight robbery of customers ? Does the owner of the NMP have the slightest shame by indulging in such mean and deceitful actions ? Though the amount involved is neglible, it definitely cannot be ignored considering the wicked practice adopted by the owner of the NMP.

Hence, I request the authorities concerned to investigate this shameful, corrupt and bad practice of the owner of NMP located near 4th Block Jayanagar Bus Stand, which is detrimental and not in the best interests of the public and punish the guilty owner of NMP by taking strict, stringent and stern disciplinary action against him including all other guilty staff of NMP, if involved, at the earliest.

Please feel free to contact me on 9742010664 for any further information in respect of the above.


Praveen P. Joshi

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