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  • 10 years ago

The corrupt people don't have soul.. they are dead meat

Reported on August 22, 2011 from Kurnool , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #4198

I paid bribe many times, for passport work, for my flat registartion, police mama and never bothered much about it.
But this below episode made me to think and rattled me to the core.
I belong to place called Nanded, Maharashtra (MS). On 21st July 2006, my father along with 4 of his friends died in a tragic car accident near Kurnool (approx 400kms from Nanded) on the way to Tirupati. The car was registered on my name. That time I was working in Singapore. I rushed to India and after completing all the funeral activities, I along with one my relatives who was with MS ******* , went to Kurnool to get the damaged car and other necessary documents to further claim insurance. At first we went to ******* station close to accident spot to collect FIR. We were initally told that the constable related to accident case is on leave and we were asked to come back after 3 days. My relative ******* had some private chat with one of the ******* constable. I was then asked to pay Rs 1000 to get FIR instantly, which I paid due to time constraints. We then visited nearest RTO Office to get the clearance to carry the damaged car. Even there I was asked to come back after 3 days and was told that the concern officer is on leave. Then we met an agent outside RTO office, He asked me to pay Rs 3000 to get the clearance papers. I felt completly helpless and paid him Rs 3000. With in an hour I was asked ********** the RTO main officer (I dont know their postings). I went in his cabin and he gave me the clearance. Durning this entire eposiode none of the govt officer showed me any sympathy towards me. All were greedy about money. That time I felt, this corruption should end one day and I hope it happens this time. The sad part was the my ******* relative also took bribe in the form of party next day. He didn't even bother to realize the kind of pain I was going through.

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