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COVID BBMP Marshalls - I was wearing a mask in a closed L-Board Car on my way to Yeshwanthpur

Reported on December 2, 2020 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #226091

I'm not trying to recover the fine.

I was on my way with my parent to Yeshwanthpur from Ulsoor. I got stopped by COVID Marshalls at the junction at JC Nagar because "Not Wearing a Mask". 250/ fine!
Exact spot https://goo.gl/maps/a1jre5XECuZNJyhY9

I WAS WEARING A MASK. It was TIED around my neck!
Has anyone traveled in a hot car: what happens? You sweat/drip and the salty water runs down your brow onto the rim of the mask and straight into your eyes - which sting burn!
It's simply not possible to wear it at ALL times outside!

I have had L-Boards on my car for some months now (though I got my license years ago). I still have trouble with gears and such - though I have been driving for many years now.

I think a degree of reasonableness needs to be applied in such circumstances WHERE speaking from my own experience, you need to take off a mask!

Additionally - is there a way to check the genuines of my receipt? It's a EzeTap receipt EZ2020 12020 358 136423. The reason I ask is because: Ward Number 62 is NOT JC Nagar! I have no objections to giving more money to govt BUT I DO NOT LIKE BEING SCAMMED!

How do I deal with this? Please help/suggest something useful - I am very persistent in such matters! (assuming I am being scammed)

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