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  • 2 years ago

Custom duty paid but no receipt = I paid Bribe

Reported on January 5, 2019 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #196075

I would like to share my story, which happened with me couple of days ago with me at Hyderabad airport.

I bought gold bangles for my mother weighs (30 gms / 3 tola)
The allowed gold for men is 20 but unfortunately mine was 10 gm extra, however during baggage screening the lady officer asked me to show the receipt of bangles which I showed then the screening lady officer calculated the price and wrote on the slip (Rs 91,000) which is kept in my passport, when I asked her how can I collect my passport back, then she replied you will get your passport on customs duty counter & told me not to worry as my gold is not that much they will leave it as it's only 10gm excessive, but I don't know that the vulture is waiting in the skin of custom official, who started making me nervous and harassing .

He asked me to pay 30,000 initially but when I didn't had that much amount he asked me through different ways like, below are few questions and my replies which are true and frank.

1.Ask money from your family member

A) I replied no one came to pick me up bcz I don't want them to come as it's 03:00 am in the morning.

2.Bring cash from ATM Card .
A) I don't have right now as I'm coming from gulf country (I had only 1000 INR rupees in my wallet i.e, for taxi)

3.How much money you have in foreign currency
A) 400 Riyals

Then finally from initial amount 30k he came down on 15k after realizing I don't have any except 400 Sar in foreign currency he asked me to hand over this amount to security personal and collect passport, (the uniform official took me a vacant room and demanded money I gave 400 sar then the security guy asked me this all 400 goes to custom official, please think of me(I told the security officer that I have nothing now except 1000 inr, which I need for taxi) also then I had a sandwich which I saved for my b.fast , I tried to gave it to him, then he denied, then I gave a 150gms mars chocolate packet, and said this is gift from me to your kids after collecting it he handover my passport to me and I left airport.

Here the reason for me not to quarrel with custom official is that bcz I had my masters exam in the morning 10 am and I need 3 hours to reach my destination from airport, I could have lost my masters examination if I didn't pay that to the custom vulture,

This was my hard earned money which I lost to a vulture.

Kindly access the footage of CCTV of RGIA-Hyd and catch the bribe official who is awaiting for innocent public to harass and beg for bribe. This seems his routine practice.

Vigilance & ACB to plunge into action, & help poor innocent public & also the receipt to be given after collecting tax duty.

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