• I Paid A Bribe
  • 6 years ago

Deep rooted corruption in State Transport Authority (STA), Jharkhand

Reported on July 7, 2018 from Ranchi , Jharkhand  ι Report #185331

Please help!! XXX is the only option left with me. I am the victim of deep rooted corruption in Jharkhand State Transport Authority (STA, Jharkhand) Sir I had applied for a permanent inter-state permit with Jharkhand State Transport Authority on the route Deoghar to Bolpur in the year April, 2017 on my newly purchased 56 seater Bus. Despite obtaining the highest mark under eligibility criteria, I was denied the permit and given to a person who had produced fake educational certificates. Having continuously and tirelessly fought for one year I managed to get that permit again put on vacancy and this time I was the only applicant for that permit. But, instead of ordering the permit to me, various officials of the department have put hurdles (or red tapism) to see that this process gets delayed for indefinite period. Officials and clerks and a agent from the department expect a good amount of bribe from me in-order to process this permit to me. In-fact I paid Rs. 25000/- bribe to a agent of Joint Transport Commissioner, STA, Jharkhand as he takes bribe only through his agent Every month I am paying Rs.45,000/- as instalment towards higher purchase agreement on my 56 seater bus. My financial condition has deteriorated and I am no longer in a position to run around and extend this fight against this deep routed corruption in STA, Jharkhand. Please help me in getting out of this mess!!

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