• I Paid A Bribe
  • 9 years ago

Except for Pan cardyou cannot get anything without paying bribe

Reported on August 9, 2013 from Chandauli , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #35173

Paid bribe for land registration : 5000 - 20000 per deal
Paid bribe to clerk of RTO to get driving license:1000
Paid bribe to CID and Police for verification in order to get passport: 1000 each
Paid bribe for voter id card: tried to get honestly 3 times but some time wrong address printed
some time wrong name lastly paid 500,

I also want to accept i purchased land at high rate and registered it at low rate to pay low registration charges. Since i work in a private firm i dont have black money, but still i converted my white to black because other person who sells land was not ready to accept white money,

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