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Reported on June 6, 2018 from Bulandshahr , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #183788

The unfortunate incident acid attack happened in Gulaothi market, which is 5 km from my village Abdullahpur Modi. I was back after working in my farm along with my sons. It was evening time around 8 pm I was informed by my friends that police came looking for me and had asked me to visit police station. I went next morning and out of blue i was told by the Sub-Inspector Vijay Pal that I am one of the accused in acid attack case which happened on 27-28th June, have no idea of exact date. The crime took place in Gulaothi
I was shock to my core and tried to explain to the officer that never in my life i committed any pity crime and this is such big accusation. I was made to sit for hours and threatened by the SO Omkar Singh and Vijay Pal that if i font pay them 1.5 Lakhs the same day I will be implicated in the case along with my sons. I was given few hours to arrange the money. My aged mother took jewellery and borrowed money from people and we gave it to the officers. I am a farmer and I am the only bread earner in my family. I fear and felt threatened all the time when police van comes to my place.
I have no idea of the crime. There is no copy of report or FIR given to us. Now I am told to give more money to remove the name of my son from the accused list. I am devastated and lost. The accused are already under arrest but I am failing to understand why me and my son is threatened. I am social worker too and have been living a respectful life. I lost my money and dignity. We are living in constant fear. We dont know the family who were attacked by miscreants from the village. We dont know why and who has committed the act. The recent development is such that there 40 people in the accused list. Has there been such big mob violence against a family then why the media is not present and why police calling each one of us individually.
Please help us and save us from Police brutality! ( Writting with the help of an NGO worker)
Mr. Shoukin Khan
Abdullahpur Modi,
Mob. 9917273020

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