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I dont know what your website will do after this, but its my duty…

Reported on July 27, 2014 from Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #42322

I dont know what your website will do after this, but its my duty to bring the real faces of police constables of NRI Sagari Police tstaion of Navi Mumbai.

My tenant was stopped paying me rent from Jan 2014 and whenever i asked them , they use to gave bad words and when approached the door of my flat to ask for rent, they tried to come to beat us as if we were beggars. When I approached police station, police said me that its civil matter, you handle it by your own way. And also told me that I should send a legal noticce or should wait till expiry of tenant agreement. But they denied to help me and said that many a times, the flat owner looses the flat as tenant denies to vacant the flat and even police are helpless in these matters. Later on after several request they took my complaint.

On 17th April, My tenant ran away by damaging my entire flat including walls, flooring tiles, wall tiles, 2 doors, and lots more were missing. I had her deposit of Rs.25000, but my damage was near about Rs.53000. I waited for 4 days thinking that my tenant would call me, but when they didnt contacted me, i thought of approaching the police station, as I had a fear that the tenant will approach me some or another day and might ask for their return of security deposit and may beat me or my new tenant if i didnt gave them the deposit.

So i approached the police station. On first attempt I was told by one officer that I should approach the court and they didnt took my complaint. I calmly left the police premises. After half an hour I again visited the police station and told them to take the complaint. At this time the constables were present, who told me that they will not take any complaint and i should go to court. At last after 5 mins, i asked them in slight high voice, why are you people not taking my complint and will you come for panchnamas if i or my new tenant is dead , then they told me to go out of police station.

I was totally fedup with them and I whispered silently where only my lips moved and there wasnt any kind of sound. I whispered the word BASTARD due to frustration. One of the officer saw my lips and started asking me what I said, but i just moved out of police station to stand out of their office. The 3 police constables came running towards me by asking me "KAAY BOLLAS", it means what i said .... in fact they didnt even heard what i said and they didnt even know what i said.

One of them was trying to slap me, but didnt and at that time 10 to 15 civil dressed people came over there running towards me and were under age group of 30 to 40 years and from their talking and their physical appearence they seemed just joined police station. In them 1 was drunked as smell was coming. One of them punched me on my left side of mouth and due to that my left side jaw was shaken and 2 big teeths were slightly bent and upper teenth started paining badly and another guy punched me on front side where my front tooth broked down. and when that 1 constable who punched me on left side of jaw, at that time one of the mirror of the car broked and immediately one person picked my pant from back side and dragged me inside the police station very badly at a very high running speed & at 45 degrees angle. My teeths are badly paining after this incident. The gang of 10 to 15 police mens didnt even knew what was happened. They just treated me like a DOG.. All were between age group of 30 to 40 years only.

Then inside the police station , a filmi drama took place where one constable was asking me "Give me your flat at 50% rent (Rs.4000), and then I will leave you from this case"........ other constable started hunting for bulglary cases files, so that they can show that I am a ROBBER and there was hell lot of filmi drama going inside the police station where lots of sections were planned against me.

My mother was telling them that we came here to book a complaint, but they didnt even heard her and tried to keep her mouth shut.

They demanded 6000, then 4000 and At last after half an hour, after several request by my mother and me, they agreed to leave me where I paid Rs.2000 for damage of mirror .... and I was told me pay Rs.1200 officially with receipt & booked me for shouting loudly under sec 110,112,117 with a receipt no. 6713595.. I visited the AXIS ATM with the constable, removed Rs.3200 from ATM and handovered to the police inside the police station.

Mirror of the car was bent because the gang of 10 to 15 policemens came in full force and 2 of them slapped me very hard and 1 police men dragged me and the mirror broked. The mirror was not broked by me, but as they pushed me hence the mirror was broked. I didnt tried to break the mirror as its not my property and I better understand that.

when this entire drama was taking place outside the police station, there a huge crowd gathered and it was a awkward moment. My dental treatment is costing me Rs.40,000. Now will these 2 idiots pay me for punching my teeths ?

Well these idiots will never ever improve and i thought of sharing this incident with you but please keep me anonymous.

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