• I Paid A Bribe
  • 12 years ago


Reported on October 28, 2010 from Agra , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #30105

I had booked a ticket for 11 Jul 10 from H.Nizamuddin Station, but by mistake booking clerk booked the ticket for 11 Aug 2010. I had to catch train from Agra. The day I had to travel, I check the ticket and found ticket wrong. So, I checked for free seats from KIOSK, and found 64 Seats vacant. But since it was sunday they refused to book the ticket. So, I booked general ticket and visited station master for getting Sleeeper ticket by paying extra fare. The actual ticket cost was 354, and he demanded Rs 750 for getting ticket. You will be amazed to know they issued me a reciept of Rupees 180 in leu of Amount charged from me of Rs 750. I'd paid the amount because it was urgent for me to travel. There were several foregner at the station who needed tickets but they refused to give them tickets too. So, I expained the whole Coruppted Procedure to get ticket and helped them bought ticket for sleeper Class. They also charged bribe from forigners too. "THIS WHAT WE CALL ATITHI DEVO BHAWA" This is what every person suffers while travelling in Govt Transportation system in *******

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