• I Paid A Bribe
  • 13 years ago

How even a minor had to pay a bribe!!

Reported on October 25, 2010 from Mangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #30176

I had applied for my passport and was called for police verification. It was my first ever visit to a police station and hence was accompanied by two of my uncles. I managed to get all the documents as was mentioned in the brochure. But the guy , was not satisfied. He wanted more "PROOF" that i stayed at a particular place.So , he asked my uncles to sign and asked me to return the next day . The next day , i bought him whatever was needed , but in one of the address proof , instead of ABCD, EFHG , KLMNO , the adddress was EFGH , ABCD , KLMNO. This guy says " I can fwd this file only if there is an affidavit ". I dont understand at all.Affidavit for what??.. its not even an address change . just street name and lcality interchange. I ask him to speak to my dad. Shamelessly , he asks for stuff. Not knowing what quite to do , i just place 150 RS in the folder. DONE. no more affidavits. ALL my address is secure enough . file is processed in 15 mins.

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