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  • 6 years ago

I Paid 3000 INR BRIBE at Chikmagalur Taluk Office

Reported on January 30, 2016 from Chikmagalur , Karnataka  ι Report #91220

I have submitted all the necessary documents to update correct MR no. for one of my property in village. Initially MR no. was correct when they made computerize they updated wrong MR in the system. It is completely their mistake. Even-though I have submitted all the old documents in the month of August by spending around 600 INR.

I was not having time to fallow-up every week. After 2 months I went there to check the status. No one ready was to tell the status and where is my documents which I submitted. Finally I came to know that my file is in SHIVAPPA's table. when I went to him ask about my file he said he don't know and check with some-other. I was standing there only then he asked me to check in one rack then after 30 minutes I got my file.

He said some more documents required for this then again I went and collected documents by paying 200 INR BRIBE and submitted.

Than also he was saying it will take lot of time and we need some-other documents like this he was telling story. His intention was to take some money from as BRIBE. He asked me to talk with his senior he was sitting next to his room. he asked me to give money then work will be done in 1 week.

I was helpless and paid 3000 INR as bribe those corrupt officers SHIVANNA, SHIVAPPA and one more officer I don't know his name. They also said like they have share this money with Tahsildar also.

I know that, did wrong, my concern is I was having money so I gave it but from where village peoples will get this huge amount of money.

I request Lokayukta to take severe action against these type of corrupt officers.

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