• I Paid A Bribe
  • 6 years ago

I paid a Bribe to passport enquiry officer.

Reported on December 17, 2015 from Warangal , Telangana  ι Report #86142

I had applied for a new passport and after about 2 days, I got a call on 07 December 2015 from Enquiry officer Mr. Md. Nazeer Hanamkonda police station for verification of my identity . At that time I was in Hyderbad, I requested him to meet on 11th to complete the process.

On 11th afternoon I called him, and he said busy, and asked me to meet outside(Subedari, Spencers sop) at evening. I went to the requested place at 6 pm on 11th December 2015 , with all my identification documents and met Nazeer. After looking at my documentshe asked me to pay money to compete the process.I told him I have all required documents and requested him to complete the process. He suddenly became anger and was thretened me that i will not get passport.

I was scared and wanted to get the passport process done, since I neeed to get confirmatory in my company as passport is mandatory document. I told him I had only Rs 600 with me. He asked me to give that to him, which I did. He signed some papers and asked me to leave. Again he called me in same day at night at around 08.30 PM. and he told that I need to submit marriage certificate, I told him that I dont have and it was not mandatory document when I applied in Passport office. But he told if you submitt Notary on marriage, then only I will close process. and he guided one lawyer name and asked me to meet him.

Next day, with the help of my uncle I got Notary from one lawyer (Not the one police suggested) and submitted to police enquiry officer. again he asked me to pay some money to close the process. I had 500 with me, and I paid.

Today I got message that verification completed, and passport ready for printing. but the process is worst. I request action to be taken against him.

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