• I Paid A Bribe
  • 13 years ago

Illegal road block

Reported on June 8, 2011 from Ludhiana , Punjab  ι Report #7799

Being of punjabi origin, i visited my homeland for the first time in April 2007. On my way from the airport, we (and many others) were stopped for no reason except 'car inspection's'. The police could not come up with anything and started making minor comments like my cousin being an illegal taxi driver'. My cousin paid R200, when i asked why, he said it was easier. This happened many times during my one month stay. I have never been back and have no intention of going back. Corruption was everywhere in punjab. When discussing India with family and friends, i say one thing. Never in a million years and i have told my wife that i'd rather she flushed my ashes down the toilet when i die than take them back to *******

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