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Illegal toll tax collection at Moshi toll naka in Pimpri Chinchwad (Pune), IRB managed toll

Reported on July 27, 2015 from Pimpri-Chinchwad , Maharashtra  ι Report #62963


I have booked a flat in Chimbali (Moshi annexe), village near Pimpri Chinchwad area of Pune. I have made multiple visits to the site, and to go there I have to cross the Moshi toll naka.
I stay at Dehu Road, Kiwale which is a cantonment area in Pimpri Chinchwad. I have a four wheeler registere at the same address, thus I am a local of near-about areas.

Whenever I crossed this Moshi toll naka, I showed my vehicle's RC and they allowed me to pass through for being a local, without paying any toll tax.
But on Saturday, July 27, 2015 while I was returning from my flat at Chimbali through this toll naka, my vehicle was obstructed. I was asked to pay the toll tax. I informed that I have a flat at near-by area and showed my vehicle RC to prove that I am also a resident of near-by area and I am alwas exempted from paying this toll tax. But, my vehicle was not allowed to move.
I informed the near-by police personnel but they told that it is not in their jurisdiction. Finally, I had to pay toll tax of Rs. 28 (Receipt number: 109882).
Stranegly, on the same day, I had to cross the same toll plaza twice, but again this time I was not asked to pay the toll tax as I was a local.
The Toll collection is done by ATR Infrastructure Pvt Ltd at Moshi Toll Plaza (km 12/190 to 42/000) on NH-50 (Pune-Nashik Road. It has signboards of IRB Infra and employees showed I-cards of IRB.

I found no taker of this complaint among the local police. I tried to reach out to IRB, but there was no contact number. I somehow managed to place my complaint on IRB wesbite and requested for response, but have received none yet.

I checked on the internet and found out that many people are being harassed in this way (locals being asked to pay toll tax on random occurrences) and made to pay this illegal toll. Many people have made such complaints on social networking sites, or through many websites but to no avail.

May I please request you to help us with it by ensuring-
1) IRB or whoever is maintaining this toll plaza makes inquiry of this incident and takes suitable punitive action on the employee concerned. I would be able to provide the identity of the responsible employees.
2) That all toll plaza very prominently displays the laid down rules which explicitly states that tolls should be charged on vehicles going on the longer route and not the locals of nearby areas (mentioning areas or area limit of exemption).
3) That they provide centrally monitored escalation contact points.

Thank you.
Abhishek Kumar Preetam

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