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  • 5 years ago

Important to seek a Bribe than Saving a life - No one cared about the Homeless Accident Victim

Reported on February 5, 2017 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #150686

My friend met an accident on MG Road, Pune with a homeless street beggar. My friend got badly injured but safe.

However, the street beggar got serious injuries and the police took him to the Sasoon Hospital (Govenment Hospital). After initial putting him in ICU, no one bothered to even perform the necessary checkups to assess the internal inquiry (if any) these guys. It appeared that hospital and police were waiting for the person to die.

Police waited for the entire day to file a report but towards the end of day, i.e. around 5pm police threatened to file a report and detain my friend for the night. Finally they managed to stage an unnecessary scare in a genuine accident case with the person having right license.

Police Station in Question: Centre Street Police Chowki: Police Stations in CAMP,Pune

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