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  • 4 years ago

Kolhapur police also corrupted

Reported on July 4, 2018 from Kolhapur , Maharashtra  ι Report #185161

On NH 48, travelling from pune to goa, after crossing kolhapur (right side), a team of police checking outstation vehicle on NH48. I was travelling with my family and our dog. A police man asked me to show all the documents of my car. I showed him every thing. He asked for Driving licence. I showed him. After that he is asking fitness certificate of my dog. I showed him all prescription and vaccination slip, but he was continuesly asking for fitness certificate of my dog. I don't have that one. Time was arround 8.45 AM. So he asked me a fine of Rs 2000. I don't have that much money that time. He asked how much i have. I genuinely check my purse and said Rs 1600. He asked for Rs 1500 as fine. I gave him the money, and when asked for receipt. He said, dont worry, no one will catch you till goa. And kept the money in his pocket. And that time i was very angry, i pray god for his punishment. According to my knowledge, fitness certificate of dog is needed only in air transportation, not road transportation. There are 8 to 10 police gundas, so i kept going.

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