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  • 5 years ago

Lost 4lakh worth gold in public transport

Reported on December 25, 2016 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #142324

To find the lost gold we had no option but to pay the officer , My father paid 90000rs even though we were in a middle class struggling family we took a tough decision and paid the money.

My parents thought they would get back their lost gold & 90000rs is much if we can get our lost gold. But what happened is the officer didn't find the lost gold also we lost our money which we gave to him .

How we lost our gold :-
My mother was returning from a marriage function with my aunt ,they both climbed a rtc bus from railway station i.e; secunderabad to lingampally , near kukatpally area they found that some thief stole their gold by hacking into the bag .

Its been 7-8 years [dont know the exact date and month] and now we cant do anything by reporting . Just came here to share my families story . We have gone through a lot in our lives . Robbery ,accidents,cheating people that is ...frankly speaking as a growing kid i wasnt able to take anything positively really cant take it anymore .

Money is everything in india , people turn into dogs for money and even go to other countries because no one can fulfill their dreams here. Based on gender society differentiates good and bad thats india. IIT is only for talented why not for everyone . Movie culture spoiled whole country no action but you take action on porn great . Well nothing will ever change in this country ,

If ever i get a chance to vote for this question "which place on earth is hell"
I would vote for india first . If you can ever change my mindset about india i will be grateful.

Your's Truly.
Avg Middle Class Jobless Indian.

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