• I Paid A Bribe
  • 7 years ago

Misleading information given to obtain a death certificate and thereby collects bribe

Reported on June 20, 2015 from Udupi , Karnataka  ι Report #62089

Place : Village accountant office of Airody Grama, Udupi District
Name of the Employee : Narasimha. Designation : Peon.
Date of the Incident : June 3rd 2015.
Bribe paid : Rs 1000

On asking for a death certificate of the deceased, expected a bribe for himself and the VA. On paying a bribe on June 3rd and on repeated reminders asked to go to Kota Nemmadi Kendra to collect the same. On reaching there the official says that, you have to wait for another 21 days for the VA to approve. If needed urgently visit the VA. [wonder with how many 1000 Rs notes?]

The sad part is nowhere is a list of steps available to get these certificates. After waiting in a queue for more than an hour we come to know that the whole procedure we follwed is a waste. :(

Government offices do things in a funny way, so that our bp remains normal.
In the nemmadi kendra, they got this death entry done with a charge of Rs 10. The receipt says, received from Late Saraswathi. (Saraswathi is the name of the mother of the deceased ) Wonder how the mother appeared to pay for the death certificate of her son.

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