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  • 10 years ago

Most corrupt and Lunatic Dept. *******

Reported on February 12, 2012 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #2856

ESI Dept. in the country is the worst dept. in the world.They have ancient laws which acts against the natural law of justice.Their Slogan Chinta se Mukthi is nor for business owners of factory owners but to ESIC Inspectos and Directors.They send notices to Establishments with ante dated year coverage with presumed no . employees and start harassing units for an inspections of records for eight to five years.Keep slapping demands even on exempted employees and even for jobs works done outside.Their arguments are of insane nature and all the officilas behave like as if they are pack of wolves or of some beasts.They have no respect for their own rules and regulations or even for court orders.keep slapping notices on various sections and keep harassing for contributions.Why can`t the govt.abolish this useless dept. which benefits only govt. and ESI dept. officials to extract bribes.No employees is benefitted.Owners who are already getting rammed due to high level of inflation ,highest cost of labour in India with worst services from the Govt. are suffering.With all the existing problems high torture from these medicore ESI inspectors and their cronies.Govt. should scrap this defunct and lunatic dept.

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