• I Paid A Bribe
  • 13 years ago

My friend got abused

Reported on August 23, 2010 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #30938

One day my friend get in to a bus from our college bus stop. while going he paid the fare amount to conductor to get his ticket and due to huge rush in the bus he can't be able to get the ticket back because conductor didn't give it back. That time bus stopped there were a checking inspector checking for ticket. My friend is a an North Indian he don't know the local language. Those checking inspectors were taken my friend while he was trying to explain his about his ticket which is in process. They didn't believe. They have taken him into a jeep. And asked him Rs.500. Then he called me that this this has happened. so now i need money. Then i gone there. He was kept in jeep with an real accused guy. He was crying. Before checking inspectors asked his ATM card. That they said give your card we will take money. Now i have gone there and told him that he has paid money to the conductor then why u have taken my friend. They said don't speak anything just give 500 and take him otherwise i will take him to the police station. Then i have given him 500 and taken him. We asked receipt for this he has the given his bus ticket with and said this is receipt by laughing and they gone. i felt very bad and frustrated by their atrocious activity.

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