• I Paid A Bribe
  • 8 years ago

No fine receit was given. Fine was not taken infront of the public

Reported on February 21, 2016 from Kolkata , West Bengal  ι Report #93319

I am a chain smoker rather it is a problem while travelling by train. I prefer not to smoke inside the train which many of us do. while the train stopped at the Katwa station where I got down from train to have a smoke but not on the platform. I lit up the.cigarette and a GRP came in civil dress and asked me to visit his senior. I realised that I have smoked in a place which was not allowed. My fault hence I agreed to pay the fine. Now the drama started. Aa I agreed to pay the fine which often people don't it seemed that they got a big fish and started telling me to take my lugguage and visit the GRP station so thay they can tale all the money I was carrying. But in the route I have very few trains which goes to Jangipur Road directly and moreover I didn't want to missed that train carrying all my lugguage along and wait for another 2 Hrs. Hence I requested to note down all my details and and take the fine. What I realised that the GRP was forcing me to get to police station so that he can have what he wants ( money) I was scared because of missing the train, I was scared that it would create harrasment to me for a silly reason. The GRP personnel told that I will be paying the fine that's there in the rule book. when I was taking out my purse to pay him he took me away from the crowd and snatched the money out of my hand. There were three GRP personnel. two in dress and one in civil. when I was asked by my co passenger as to how much did I pay them I got to know that it is a regular practise by them. they don't give any receipt. no challan. and the most painful thing is they take the packet of cigarette as they are also smokers. The point is I paid fine and that's not received by the government though it was taken by government personnel.

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