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  • 7 years ago

Notorious employee of assam power distribution company limited

Reported on March 8, 2015 from Guwahati , Assam  ι Report #53528

With regards i would like to put forward some sordid realities that our current working has to witness. Off late,the Chief executive officer of sivasagar Electrical circle Mr Binod Bailung seems to cross all limits of corruption and bribe which has taken the complete department to disgrace. It is to be mention that he demands 15 to 20 percent commissions in almost every party bill from contractors. Now he demands about 2lakhs for the  sahayak Post to be recruited recently and above all the same is claimed to be for the Chairman of the Department. As we all know that all the recruitment in the department is subjected to be selected only on the merit list, Instances like these are nothing more than a real tragic and unfortunate.Above all,if the same scene continues we doubt a smooth and optimistic attitude of the rest of public towards Apdcl.This is why we strongly belief that a strict investigation is apparent in this trifling matter and if proven guilty,the accused may awarded with desired Retribution. Assam power distribution company limited bijulee bhawan guwahati

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