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  • 7 years ago

I am not sure if you would really put in your efforts regarding…

Reported on November 12, 2014 from Tenali , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #46738

I am not sure if you would really put in your efforts regarding the action i am going to report against . Situation here at RTO office (Road Transport) Tenali , Guntur District , Andhra Pradesh has turned worse , Where Bribe is must to get a license . An Officer named KALAVAKOLANU SRIHARI (Asst Public Information Offficer) who had a history of being suspended for accpeting bribe in the past is back in his chair doing the same . One must pay 2500-3000 INR to get a license via broker , if one chooses to go using the fair way he ends up being abused in vulgar language and using very harsh words . I was a victim , where i went the fair way meeting all the requirements but i was repeatedly asked to come to the office and they postponed all my process and rejected my license . There is no Testing Track being used here in tenali , when questioned about it , Mr. Kalavakolanu Srihari used harsh language and threatened to reject my license for ever . If this continues to go on how would a guy from a middle class family afford 3000 INR ?? I meet all the requirements but still why are the rules never followed ? When one keeps talking about anti corruption these little things matter and yes i still dont own a license just because i am not in a position to pay the bribe . How would you allow suspended officers to gain the same chair ? Once i was threatened , i talked to a few brokers and got the info that he got suspended for the same reason a couple of years back . I do hope that you would take a strict necessary action to crub such malpractices .

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