• I Paid A Bribe
  • 12 years ago

Paid 300 for Signal violation

Reported on October 25, 2010 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #30180

I was driving my motorcycle from Chennai Central on the P H Road. I was wearing my helmet and all my papers (Licence, RC Book, Insurance) were proper. While crossing the signal near Ribbon building, there was an MTC bus going ahead of me and I was just behind it and hence the signal was not visible to me. As the bus crossed the signal, I closely followed the bus and by the time the signal turned RED. After moving about 1 meter from the stop line, I realised it is RED and slowed down and stopped. But the police guy standing there, asked me to stop and checked all my papers and then said I have to pay Rs.500. I asked him to give the fee structure for each violations so that I can pay the correct amount. Then he said I can pay at the court. I insisted to see the list of fine amount for each violations. Then he reduced the amount to Rs.350/- and then to finally Rs.300 insisting that it is dangerous driving. In the receipt he provided he has clearly written it as "RED SIGNAL VIOLATION". Once i got the receipt, I looked at the back of the receipt where details of fine amount for each category is given. For RED SIGNAL violation it is just Rs.50/-. Now that he has got the money, when I argued it should be Rs.50/- only, he is just laughing and trying to avoid me. I told him "Today, I have lost Rs.300/- to a police thief". For this also he is just laughing

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