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  • 6 years ago

Paid a bribe of 1300/- at Parcel Office in Pune Railway Station

Reported on June 14, 2016 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #107315

I wanted to transport my two wheeler from Pune to Bangalore.
I have previously transported the same bike to Bangalore in 2012. However, I took it back to Pune in 2015 and returning to Bangalore in 2016.

I had enquired with a random person in the Parcel Office around beginning of May-2016 and I received a quote of Rs. 3000/-.
However, I went to the Parcel Office on 20-May-16 and called the same person (Jabbar) from the last time I transported my bike in 2012.

He quoted me Rs. 3700/- for the following:
- Official railway parcel charges - Approx. Rs.1400
- Policeman fees (without NOC) - Rs. 300 (If No Objection Certificate is not available)
- Packing charges - Rs. 400 (regular bikes Pulsar, etc.) & Rs. 450 (special bikes Yamaha R15)
- Loading charges - Rs.500
- Information update - Rs.500 (bike has been loaded in Pune, bike has arrived at Bangalore, etc.)
The above expenses add up to Rs.3100 and there was no clarity around the remaining Rs.600.

- I negotiated with Jabbar vaguely and he agreed to complete the packing
- I had to pay an unknown person Rs.300 for lack of an NOC
- I paid the official railway charges of Rs.1400
- I paid Jabbar Rs.1000 after a lot of haggling and showing him an empty wallet
- Jabbar was angry and claimed that he explained the costs initially
- However, he took the Rs.1000 but said he will not provide any information or load the bike and that "the railway staff will load it whenever they want" and that I need to pay more if I want immediate transport (i.e. despatch in less than 1 day)
- He asked me to go withdraw more and pay the balance
- I offered to pay another Rs.200 and he refused to take it
- I received the bike in Bangalore on 24-May-16 against the promised date of 22-May-16
- Jabbar refused to provide any information on the bike's despatch

So I basically paid a bribe of Rs. 1300/- and I'm not happy about it.
I paid the bribe because I had no choice as I was flying to Bangalore the next day.
I request action be taken against such people and share the legitimate charges and a process note with the public.

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