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My police enquiry for passport was marked to dugri police station,…

Reported on November 19, 2014 from Ludhiana , Punjab  ι Report #47072

My police enquiry for passport was marked to dugri police station, ludhiana and i received a call on 16th november,2014 from Mr. Sikander Yadav (M.No.099146-16632) for visiting the police station for address verification. i promptly went there and was given a form and was told to get my address verified by two of my neighbours. i completed all the formalities and handed over all the concerned documents at the police station by monday i.e 17th november. then i was asked to come in a corner and was asked to pay rs.1000 as "kharcha paani". i told them that it was too much and after a slight argument i paid Rs.500 and left.
now today morning i got a call from another policemen who says that i need to get my old address verified (mine application is for renew of passport with change of address) where i dont live anymore, now all my proofs are at the new address where i am residing for the last seven years) when i tried to question him regarding the need for old address verification the reply stunned me. the policemen suggested me get the issue sorted out at dugri police station by paying the balance amount. my father and my wife's passport was renewed 2 years back and never ever such verification of the old address was asked for.
and now it is being told to me that old address verification is required. i said fine inform me when to come i will come there and get you the two ID proofs of my old neighbours. now the poilcemen is saying that he didnt bring my file from dugri police station and will get it in a day or two and then i will call you for verification.
now i m regretting why i paid him Rs.500 at all. i am not in urgent need for my passport and will take the story to its logical conclusion. they can only delay my verification and i m ready to fight this time round.

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