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I have booked Tatkal ticket for me and my wife . While booking provided…

Reported on November 30, 2014 from Hubli , Karnataka  ι Report #47667

I have booked Tatkal ticket for me and my wife . While booking provided my Driving licence number and for my wife I gave Gov issues ID card. Here I did mistake and mentioned my driving card number itself instead of her ID card number.

We were in urgent as my Father in law was admitted in SDM hospital. So once Hubli arrived we thought of getting freshed up in railway station itself. I have showed my Ticket to TC who was checking at the gate. But when my wife coming from waiting room one more TC asked us to show the ticket. I didn't noticed his name. He was speaking in UP Bihar kind of Hindi. I showed my Tatkal ticket and Original ID card. But when he asked my wife she showed original pan card. But in ticket the number was different as I copy pasted my driving licence number infront of her name.

TC took us to TC room. When we are arguing he shouted and told " Mera Sar Ghumgaya to arrest Karwadunga" and he called Railway police constable. At that moment he asked me to give 1250 as fine. I asked him show me the fine book where fine was given for this reason. Then he made fine amount as 600. I told 600 for both. The mistake is for only one person. He told pay 300. I paid and was expecting the Fine receipt. But he told "go go go". Once I went then I saw he was handling two others who also

This is not the matter of 300 Rs. This is the matter of my self integrity.

TC name I didn't observed. But he was speaking in Hindi which was mixed with UP or Bihari slang

Proof: The TC called to Railway police at morning time when Rani chennamma was arrived (In between 5.45 to 6.30)

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