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Reported on August 20, 2011 from Bellary , Karnataka  ι Report #4433

On june 13th 2007, me and my friend we both applied for passport, we went to superintendent of police office to submit the passport application, there an official demanded us to pay a bribe of Rs 250/- each to accept our application, else he said he wont accept it (this was when we visited the SP office for the second time). When we went there for the first time, we didn't know that we had to pay bribe to him, he checked our applications as if he was accepting it and later he told that you have not followed the instructions given. he tear the application there itself saying us to buy a new application and fill it as per the instructions. After much exercise, we got our second application filled it the same way we filled the first time. they time he straight forwardly asked us bribe which we were afraid that he might do the same again. so we paid the bribe at SP office.
After this he put our applications in an envelope and asked us go and give this in your area police station. Which we blindly followed his orders.
Now at the area police station,(This person is forcibly allowing me to reveal his name because many have suffered from him, if you ask any one who has got passport in Bellary, no one can forget this police officer. His name in NAGABHUSHAN) when we went and contacted this person @4:30pm in the evening he asked us to wait until he come. We waited there till 10:30pm in the night.
After he came instead of accepting our applications he assigned us a task to collect information about a college in the city where he wants to admit her daughter. When we asked him to collect our application, he said he'll collect once we give him the college information.
Next day morning we went to the college collected information regarding the courses offered and gave it to him @11:00 am.
After that he told he's busy now, told us to come in the evening which we blindly agreed.
When we went to the police station, he was not there so we had to wait till 7:00pm.
Later when he came @ 7:00pm, he called accepted our applications and then asked us bribe, which we said we have already given in the SP office.
He told that you have not given bribe to me, it was for him. We told we don't have money with us. Then he said why do you need passport when you don't have money come after 1 year then we will see whether you need passport or not (we were in the final year of BE/B.Tech). Anyhow you boys are not going to any foreign country once you get the passport. We requested him so much to accept our passport application for which he said without bribe he will not accept it.
So the next day we again went to the police station, gave him Rs 250/- each and got our applications passed.
This is the story what happened for applying passport in Bellary (Even in entire INDIA i think so). The torture which we faced while applying the passport can never be told in words.

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