• I Paid A Bribe
  • 12 years ago

Pay bribe to get your monthly salary or your pension

Reported on November 23, 2010 from Vijayawada , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #29767

Firstly, I have not paid the bribe. A relative of mine had paid and am here to report it. So, I presume that I can still post the story here.

Also, this story is not just of my relative but of all those employed in this institution, and has been happening since not sure when. However, I am aware of the situation over the past 12 years. We have sent reports to the news papers, spoken to few authorities but nothing changed.

I am here to just make the situation known.

There is this institution in the town, where all the employees, or most of them, got to bribe their accountant/clerk to credit their monthly salaries to their accounts. This is the process to get your salary. (As I have not gone through this process, I might have missed few steps on the way.)

1. Bribe the clerk to go to the district education officer's (DEO) office to collect the monthly salaries. (It is claimed that the clerks at that office also need to be bribed. So, the bribe you pay will be for the travel expenses and for the bribe required at the DEO office)
2. Keep your fingers crossed that the clerk would go and get the salaries every month.
3. Bribe the clerk to credit the amount to your account without using for personal needs by promising your salary with the next month's salary.

1. Pay the bribe to ensure that your retirement papers go through the related process.
2. Bribe to ensure you get your pension every month and the related retirement benefits.

Results of bribing: You will get your salary at least once in three months, it will not be delayed by more than 3 months for sure. Your pension will definitely be credited, but that will be after 8 to 18 months of your retirement. The 8 to 18 months will be decided by your being in good books or bad books with the clerk.

There are cases of those who got their pensions after 12 months of retirement and after 16 months of retirement.

My relative is hoping to get the retirement benefits at least now, being retired last year.

Now, those who do not want to bribe the clerk have one option. They will just have to keep lending the clerk with money as and when asked for, so that the clerk can rotate the money and pay you back with your interest within few years.

The clerk flaunts good contacts and the management seems to not bother much. You complain to the management and your salary can be forgotten for some months.

Am not hopeful of any action to be taken on the clerk. Nothing changed in the last twenty or more years, as per the retired relative. We just need the money on time. Its nearly a year after retirement.

The amount paid as bribe is only for the initiation of the process related to retirement. We are not sure if we need to pay again when the pension actually comes. This does not also include the amounts paid to get monthly salaries and to appease at different times during 30 years of employment.

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