• I Paid A Bribe
  • 6 years ago

Policeman bribary case

Reported on July 16, 2016 from Ahmedabad , Gujarat  ι Report #111201

Today my friend was travelling from ahmedabad to puri via ahmedabad puri express at 6.05 from platform no 4. My friend was in hurry to catch the train he choose escalator to reach platform no 4. He was on the way and he belong from neighbour country not gujrati nor indian national. He was crosing the overhead bridge than two people stop him along with his friend and local connecting resident. Then three people showed id to prove they were railway police and start searching his and his friend baggage unfortunately my friend was unknown about liquor law in gujraat so he was travelling unknownly carrying one bottle of wine which he bought from kolkata and via airlines he arrived ahmedabad but when he was leaving gujrat then he was hold by three policemen in civil dress than they took him and his friend along with local resident. There they start torturing him and saying he will be soon in custody his passport will be holded and demand 30000 rupees my friend so so nervous he ask pardon and excuses but these bloody eagles was against his innocent act where is too legal in his country and many states of india. He show his empty wallet but no mercy. The settlement was done in inr 15000 and forced him to withdraw from bank atm. He urge hus atm card is not from this country so there is limitation in cash withrawal. He again urge them he will submit his atm to them with pin code but they were not human at last he barrow rest money from his friend and let him free. He asked the police man what to do with this wine it should be spoiled as he broke some unknown law. But policeman smile and replied you better consume in train toilet and start moving straight. He has no option to follow so i am writing this post on his behalf. So that this post will also be forwarded to our respected prime minister so that these no humanitarian should be hang.. till death..thanks a lot my friend

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