• I Paid A Bribe
  • 6 years ago

Railway Police and Agents involved in taking bribes for transport of vehicles

Reported on July 12, 2017 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #166297

At Pune Railway Station, Vehicle Transport Office, One cannot book their vehicles without taking help of the agents. If you go to directly book the vehicle, the agent will complain it to the police officer responsible who will further harass the customer.
One has to pay an agent Rs. 550 just to cover the bike with some torn sacks. A part of which goes to a police officer.
This is also the case when you are taking back your vehicle from the transport. One may find agents and police officer stopping the bike at the gate and will charge around 150-200 just to unpack the sack cover which anyone can normally do with a small blade or a scissor. If such agents are refused then to try to harass the customer.
Similar is the situation inside the transport office. Instead of doing straight business with the officer-in-charge of the department for taking the bike, one has to grab a worker pay him some money while he takes you with him on the platform to bring the bike to the office. The worker will deal with the filing of the paper. Normally process should take less than 5 mins but it takes more than an hour to get the work done.

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