• I Paid A Bribe
  • 4 years ago

Traffic senior officials are corrupt and creating life threatening situations in duty sessions

Reported on July 6, 2020 from Ranchi , Jharkhand  ι Report #223317

I never hope this will happen to me,, in my life.
Today I had to pay challan amount and bribe too. As per Covid-19 effect government announced PUC will be valid till September 2020,,but some senior officers taking advantage of this.
My PUC is valid as per government NORMS But I had to pay 4000 rs cash,, to his driver and senior officer who impose for bribe is traffic **Dy. Sp Mahesh prajapati**( his driver satteled down this bribe on the instructions of his senior,, I had done terrible mistake )
Yes,, I am sharing this life threatening duty style of traffic police,, even after you said you have extremely emergency conditions.
Today,, this incident happened at new market chowk ranchi.
Due to lock down most of public transport services are affected,, a unknown girl ask me for lift that she had an emergency situation ,, I never got fined for any misbehaving activity against traffic rule,, I request to official sir she have emergency,, please let me go,, after I had done a terrible mistake,, this may be cost me my life,
I requested to senior officer to Jharkhand police department,, please see this incident,, are you doing job or creating threat for public..
I will see him for creating a life threatening situation,, I had to pay for wrong alligation,, only 179 should be imposed on me and fine amount should bee 500 rs,, but I had tho pay 1000rs too for not wearing a helmet which was a wrong alligation.
And paid bride 4000 cash,, as PUC failed which is valid as per government guidelines till September 2020.
I think this Dy. Sp must making minimum 3 lakh month as bribe amount,, I request to Jharkhand viligance senior officers,, please check his total worth income and how much this senior officer taking bribe per month.
And he also not following traffic rule,, not using seat belt. So please fine him too as per daily basis.
Hope you will investigate.
Challan no 202075154339.
Thank you so much.

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