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  • 12 years ago

Trans fer of driving Licence from Mumbai to Goa

Reported on September 22, 2010 from Madgaon , Goa  ι Report #30804

My car driving licence was issued to me In Mumbai in 1970. After several years I returned to Goa in 2005. On the date October 2006 my licence was to be renewed i made an application to get the licence renewed in Goa. The staff that was handling my papers informed me that it could not be done. One of the touts/agents made a suggestion that if I paid him Rs. 1000/ he would get the work done. At that moment I decided that I must see the superior authority and tried to meet the Asst. Director of Transport. He gave me a patient ear and called for my papers. Without any further delay made a note in the application that I may be issued a transfer and reissue a new DL without any delay. Within a week I was issued a brand new smart card type of driving licence.

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