• I Paid A Bribe
  • 13 years ago

Transfer of Water connection to new Owner. at MIDC TALOJA SPA.

Reported on March 9, 2011 from Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #27039

I am a transfer agent and i carry out liaison works for companies and individuals for transfer of plots and factories after sale to the new owners,
This involves transfer of Water connection to be done from MIDC TALOJA Special planning Authority.
They have been taking bribes for every single procedure including
1. providing NO DUES CERTIFICTE, = they say you want NDC because you have sold your plot to the new owner and have made money so we also should benefit. i paid 30,000 for the NO DUES CERTIFICATE to the Deputy Engineer at Taloja MIDC SPA. They negotiation and transaction was done by his Assistant Officer at TALOJA MIDC SPA Office , 1st Floor. He sits at the last row near the Window at right side. just in line to the entrance door.
2. The Water connection had to be transferred to the name of New owner, and hence for that I paid 20,000/- as bribe for SPEEDING the procedure. i requested him that we have all the documents and there is no problems or any procedure missing from our side then why is he asking so much money, he said..we have three departments to handle, Deputy Engineer SPA, then ground floor there is MIDC office for road and then the HEAD OFFICE At DOMBIVALI, all there needs to be handled so the money will be shared in all there offices,
I had to pay the demanded amount as we wanted the transfer as soon as possible.
I charge 2000/- for my service.. for which i travel numerous times from vashi to taloja. and these bastards take money for work which they are suppose to do, by just passing the files.
Apart from this One time bribes . the officers send their assistants and peons every festival for DIWALI baksheesh.
BEGGARS are better then these officers.

I voted for Congress but i think that was my biggest mistake in my life, i swear on my god i will never vote for congress as corruption and inflation is at peak during congress reign.

I hope this all ends, and a honest man can make a living in this country respectfully.

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