• I Paid A Bribe
  • 9 years ago

While going to bank, I had parked my 2 wheeler far away from bus…

Reported on September 22, 2015 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #65392

While going to bank, I had parked my 2 wheeler far away from bus stop but my vehicle was put on towing vehicle. When I argued why it was lifted, I was told that it was within 50 mtr - though it was not. I was asked to pay Rs. 200/= to the lady constable sitting in the towing vehicle. On paying the amount when I asked for receipt I was told to come to the police chowkey and collect the receipt. Going to police chowkey means another expenditure. This method itself is devised to desist people from insisting for the receipt. As a matter of fact, the lady constable or any one manning the towing vehicle must have receipt book and issue it on the spot. Along with my there were other persons also who had to pay this bribe.
This is daily routine, They collect more that 1000/- daily without issuing single receipt from this spot.
On another occasion I went to Police chowkey to pay the fine, I was asked to go to the vehicle parked far away from the chowkey and pay the fine there and get the receipt from there. In the chowkey there was not a single person in police uniform. A no. of persons were there in civil dress with keys to release the towed vehicles. They mainly tow 2 wheelers as it is easy to lift them and put on towing vehicle. I don't think that these things are not known to the people at higher positions. Most of these things happen with their knowledge but when approached they will show their ignorance and direct us here and there.

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