• I Paid A Bribe
  • 11 years ago

Without money no learning license

Reported on August 19, 2011 from Bhubaneswar , Orissa  ι Report #4637

This was my first experience with bribe giving , well it was summer of 2003 i went for applying a learner license and the first thing i saw outside DMV office was group of brokers and one of the brokers very politely asked me if i am hear to apply for drivers license i said yes , the broker suggested me thats its waste of time for me to go to the DMV office first of all i will not get an appointment then they will not accpet my address proof document with one reason or another .
I did not believe the broker and went to the DMV office
1. every time i was inside the office the officer was not at all present during the working hours
2. I was send back 3 timer saying my document is not proper

3. DMV officier asked me to takevone more photograph
4. the office was crowed by brokers

i went to the office contineopusly for 3 days finally i gave up and asked the same broker if can get me the learning license , within 10 minutes he took me inside the office and they accpetd my old photogorpah and documents and to my surpirse i got the appointment with DMV officier.
within 1 hour i got the license .

now the interesting part, i took the broker for a tea and asked, why i have to pay Rs 500 as bribe he explaied me to become DMV of Bhubaneswar he has to pay bribe to minister and minister pays that money to his party i was young that time but i realised its all inter connected our political sysem is messed up party needs money for election where does the party gets money from corrupt DMV officers and corrupt ministers .....

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