• I Paid A Bribe
  • 11 years ago

Wrong parking

Reported on April 7, 2011 from Mangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #9737

I had parked my scooter in front of a shopping complex where there was no clear parking indications. when i returned back after shopping, i found a slip on the scooter. the cop who had put it there was near by. apparantly i had parked in the wrong area. he asked me for my licence. i said i didnt have one. he said i had to pay a fine of 500. he then asked my age. i told him i was 17. he said then the fine was 700 odd. (i dont remember exactly). i told him i had only 100 with me now. he scribbled something on a receipt. he wrote my name on it, my mothers name. and he wrote my age as 18. he then took the 100 rupees, but did not give me the receipt.

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