Conversion of Property to Freehold

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You can follow the procedure mentioned here for conversion from lease hold to freehold. If you face any harassment from staff of DDA demanding bribe for doing their duties, you may then write to Chief Vigilance Officer of DDA whose details are given below. 

Procedure for Conversion from lease hold of flat into free hold

‘It is a process for converting a Lease Hold of Flat into Free Hold (Flat allotted prior to 1992).The time period prescribed for conversion of a Flat into Free Hold is 90 days subject to the condition that all the required formalities along with dues are completed and paid.

Submission of application form in the authorized banks of DDA along with requisite documents and dues.

  • Intimation of dues if payable and deficiencies in documents by DDA to the allottee.
  • Issuance of CD papers in case all the formalities are completed by DDA.
  • Stamping of CD papers from the office of the collector of stamps, Delhi Administration, Delhi and returning of the same to DDA by the applicant.
  • Execution of CD papers in DDA by DDA/applicant.
  • Registration of CD papers with the office of the Sub Registrar, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

Formula for working out the conversion charges is given in the brochure. Zone wise rates are given. In case of allottee conversion charges would less by 40% of the amount. Prescribed in the brochure and in case of GPA more by 33.1/3% of the amount prescribed in brochure.

Allottee is required to make a simple request to Dy. Director concerned for getting No Dues Certificate. DDA shall give NOC subject to the conditions that all Dues, as demanded , are deposited.’

Contact details of CVO:

Mr. Sunil Kumar Gulati,

Chief Vigilance Officer,

Ph: 24621489,

Email id:

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